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Ron Winters

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Name: Ron Winters

Age: 33

Race: white

Hair color: blonde

Eye color: blue

Background: Ron was born in Brooklyn New York. He worked for the state correctional system. He was married with three kids. Two girls and a boy. Ron was working when reports of the outbreak began. However he was unable to get to his family as there was swarms of Walkers outside trying to get inside. Finally the entire institution was locked down, several staff members went into their armory took several weapons and ammo a few cars, and tried to get to their families. Most died in the process, other returned with them or alone. about two days after the outbreak Ron left the prison and returned home only to find his family gone. Several items missing like clothes, food and the car. Now Ron travels trying to find his family but only meeting allies but it makes it easier trying to find what they all need, however he must not only deal with the zombie outbreak but humans that gave up their morals to survive in their own way.
Ron winters
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