General rules.

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General rules.

Post  Ron winters on Tue Jan 29, 2013 11:44 am

Everything is pretty basic.

1. No god modding. Keep it real, if you are cornered by 30 Walkers, no ammo, it's highly unlikely you'll fight your way through them and come out unhurt.

2. Language I doubt if a zombie is coming at you you'll say ooh my goodness. I have no issue with a speak freely forum, but we might have kids on here, so with that in mind the occasional F bomb is ok, just don't say it in each post.

3. Member issues. If you have a issue with another member inform a staff member, and if it's about a staff member bring it to me I'll look into it and take proper action.

4. Secondary accounts. That is fine but try to avoid your two characters always interacting with each other.

5. Character deaths. Only the creator of the character may allow him or her to die. You can not try to say I threw this person into a group of Walkers so I can escape. Won't work I'll delete the post. If you wanna say something like that, make sure you travel with someone, a non playable character NPC. Just give him a name and if he is killed off by the way I just described he can not pop up somewhere else other than in a flashback.

6. To avoid several groups we will all meet each other and become part of a community that travels, eats, and fights together. There will be a council of sorts consisting of 3 members. This council will not only be in charge of the site and it's functions OOC but will also serve IC to handle punishment like in game stealing and other offenses. They won't be killed but given community service actions. However OOC stuff such as harassment, bullying, and other serious issues will be handled more harshly which could result in banishment. I do not wish to do that but will to protect the honor of the site and it's members.
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